Zippity Doula’s birth support package provides:

-Two prenatal appointments to include development of birth wishes including the creation of a beautiful birth plan using Birth Plan & Co (on Etsy)

-A specialized Comfort Measures class just for you and your birth partner(s)

-On-call support 2 weeks before due date leading up to birth

-Unlimited phone and e-mail support

-12 hours of birth support during labor, up to 3 hours of support after birth as requested

*note* A backup doula is available to support births longer than 12 hours, or if the doula is unable to attend the birth for unforseen circumstances (sickness, travel, etc)

-One postnatal visit to include a birth debriefing and celebration of your new little bundle of joy; specialized tea and snacks provided to celebrate!

-One postnatal visit to include belly binding and a nourishing meal of your choice; recipe chosen from the well-known postpartum support book, “The First Forty Days”